Always seduced by the creative profusion and the explosives inspirations of Rey Kawabuko, who will be in honor of the new exhibition of MET from May 4th, 2017.

We propose you right now in the ARMOIRES VIDES a selection of models chosen in the collection COMME DES GARÇONS COMME DES GARÇONS.

Our choice concerned to simple models but nevertheless – as often to COMME DES GARÇONS COMME DES GARÇONS – innovators.

If the cotton is present there, we also open the doors of the ARMOIRES VIDES to materials more technical as handled polyester, which authorizes of news perpectives creatives, at the same time easy to carry, supple and solid at the same time, adjustable at will.

Far from preconceived ideas the range COMME DES GARÇONS COMME DES GARÇONS still to remain simple by cultivating the art of the sophistication.

This tenuous and paradoxical thread which cannot be satisfied with a museum vocation but owes to be renewed to feed ideas, forms, tissues, materials and world in which we live.

Our Comme des garçons creations